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Question of Alexandra (05.16.2023): Is maritime piracy increasing because of global warming and its effects on fish stocks?
Global warming boosts maritime piracy R:

Indeed, the impact of warming seas on fish stocks is actually causing an increase in pirate attacks.

A study of piracy hotspots in East...

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Question of Menelwen (04.14.2023): What techniques did pirates and privateers use to tattoo themselves? Were there colored pigments for tattooing or were they all tattooed with black ink? Also: were there people whose roles were attached. Thank you for your striking work!
Pirate tattoo engraving R:

Some 17th century pirates were tattooed, although the tattooing techniques used at the time varied depending on where the tattoo was done and...

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Question of Lucas (03.01.2023): How did the crew repair a cannonball hole in the hull of their boat? Did they do it during the fight? Thanks
Ship in hull and in refit R: There is a specific term for the repair operation in maritime language, "refit" (see definition below).

In the 18th century, sailors had several...
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Question of Swann (02.08.2023): Where did pirates repair their ships after being damaged by cannons?
How long did it take to repair a boat and how did they repair them?
If they were wanted, could they not land in any port? Thanks for this site !

Pirate sloop undergoing refit
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Question of Théo and Sarah (01.31.2023): How far away is the horizon when looking at the sea?
Horizon distance calculator R: Here is a table containing different heights in relation to sea level, to give you an idea:  read more »

Question of Marc (01.30.2023): How many grains of sand are there on earth?
Sand sculpture of pirates - calculation of the number of grains of sand on earth R: 7.5 trillion grains of sand on Earth, can you believe it?
That's the incredible discovery of Professor Howard C. McAllister of the University of...
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Question of Al (01.18.2023): What are the figures for maritime piracy in the world today?
Maritime piracy in the world R: Since 1990, more than 7,000 acts of piracy have been recorded worldwide.

The economic costs of these acts are estimated at between 7 and 12...
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Question of Marcus (01.07.2023): Which pirates have made the most catches?
Pirates on board A: It was between 1716 and 1726 that pirates captured the most ships, and did much more damage to trade than the naval campaigns of the empires and... read more »

Question of Theo (09.03.2022): What is the relationship between the Covid- 19 (Coronavirus) and the hackers?
Coronavirus, purchase of domain names up sharplyA: It all depends on whether we are talking about computer hackers or sea pirates.

In the case of hackers:

Today, hackers around the world are...
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Question of Lisa (09.02.2022): When did piracy start and when did it end?
The Buccaneers - oil painting by Frederick Judd Waugh R: Piracy goes back to the dawn of time, since the day man began to sail about 130,000 years ago, according to archaeological excavations conducted on... read more »

Question of Julie (08.30.2022): What are the most famous pirate ship names?
R: Many pirate ships are famous, not only for the fame of their captains, but also for the feats they performed and the discovery of their wrecks... read more »

Question of Nemo (08.27.2022): Why is Return to Monkey Island being released on 19 September instead of Christmas, which would be better commercially?
Talk Like a Pirate Day The 19 September is a strategic and well-considered date because the new instalment of Ron Gilbert's famous point-and-click series is being...
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Question of Pauline (04.21.2016): Can you give me the name of two famous St. Malo corsairs? Thank you in advance!
A: The two most famous are:

Duguay-Trouin - Duguay-Trouin whose real name was René Trouin du Gué (June 10, 1673 Saint-Malo - September 27, 1736 Paris)

Robert Surcouf Robert Sur...
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Question of Lord Nelson (04.20.2016): How to keep the sails on the masts?
Keep the sails on the mastsA: On many types of ships sails are adjusted to the yards, which are pieces of wood placed across the mast.

The exception to this is the Bermuda sail,...
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Question of Maureen - Nyn B. (04.19.2016): I'm a writer and I would like to know whether there are very specific first names of pirates or there are some that would be better. And the last names? Thank you for your cooperation!
pirates crewA: You can see the names of the crew of Blackbeard a.k.a. Edward Teach (or Drummond) at this link.

Here is in particular the list of the crew of...
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Question of Anonymous (04.18.2016): Were there ships carrying 100 guns? Are there any bigger ships as frigates?
H.M.S. VictoryA: (Ships with more than 100 guns) There are indeed vessels of more than 100 guns called three-decker ships with 120 guns, built in the 1800s, such as... read more »

Question of Tristan (04.18.2016): I’d like to have a timeline of the conquest of Puerto Bello made by Henry Morgan in 1668, as well as other information such as the number of boats, men, dead, etc. Thank you.
The capture of Porto Bello in 1668 by Henry MorganA: After looting Puerto Principe and that taking bringing only 60 crowns to each man, Henry Morgan suggested capturing Porto Bello in 1668, mistress... read more »

Question of Anonymous (04.15.2016): How old was Blackbeard when he died?
Blackbeard in smoke and flames, painting by Frank E. Schoonover - 1922A: Blackbeard would have been about 38 years old when he died; his exact birth date is unknown, but it is around 1680.

He died on November 22, 1718 in...
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Question of Nathan (04.14.2016): Could you display a picture of a flintlock pistol?
Flint gun of pirateA: Here is a picture of a dismantled flint gun.
© source:

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Question of Ben (04.14.2016): Where does the word "piracy" come from?
A: Piracy is practiced by a pirate (see etymology).

Piracy is the action of the pirate of attacking a vessel in order to plunder its cargo or the ship...
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Question of Levasseur, Barbossa & tiny corsair (04.14.2016): For some time I've been wanting to know what makes the rudder turn. Can you help me?
Operation of the rudder of a galleonA: An example of rudder on a galleon dating back to the seventeenth century. We can see in blue the whole mechanism articulating the helm.

The control...
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Question of Germur (04.12.2016): Is it true that the carpenter (a leading master) received a larger share of booty than the rest of the crew? In what way?
The pirate code / charter partyA: I say that this is not wrong, because everything depends on who wrote the pirate code contract.

Alexandre Olivier Oexmelin explains the pirate...
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Question of BlackMath (04.11.2016): Did Captain Hector Barbossa from "Pirates of the Caribbean" really exist?
Captain Barbossa were inspired by the pirate Barbarossa HayreddinA: Captain Barbossa and Captain Blackheart were inspired by the pirate Khair Eddin Pasha (1476-1546), more commonly known as Barbarossa.

His Turkish...
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Question of alex michel (04.11.2016): Are there still pirates today?
A: Yes, unfortunately there are still many pirates today, and they are rampant all over the globe. They are organized and use speedboats and weapons... read more »

Question of Anaïs, Amélie & Stefen (04.08.2016): Do you have the lyrics of the first song from the "Pirates of the Caribbean 3": Hoist The Colours?
Hoist The Colours - Hissons Nos CouleursA: Here are the lyrics in English and French:
Hoist The Colour

Yo, ho, haul together,
hoist the colors high.
Heave ho,
thieves and...
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Question of Cindy, Maude and Chip (04.07.2016): What is a Sea biscuit or Hardtack?
Sea biscuit / hardtackA: A sea biscuit, more commonly known as hardtack, was once the staple food of any sailor.

Sea voyages were long and food preservation posed serious...
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Question of yo ho a pirate's life for me !!!! (04.05.2016): What exactly is Piece of Eight?
Piece of Eight SpanishA: The eight coins (also known as the “real de a ocho”, “Spanish dollar”, and the “eight-real coin”) were minted by the Spaniards from the silve... read more »

Question of VINCI (04.01.2016): What weight can a pirate ship withstand?
HMS Victory, cut viewA: Everything depends on the type of the pirate ship!

The preferred ships for pirates were the Brick, the Sloop, the Brigantine, the cutter, and the...
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Question of Vinci (03.31.2016): Did pirates also plunder on land?
The pirate Morgan capturing PanamaA: Indeed, pirates did not primarily attack at sea; they also made raids on land.

Pirate Nau repeatedly attacked cities on land. His taking of...
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Question of Jackrackam (03.29.2016): Hello! Can you tell me which style of ship is closest to the Black Pearl?
The Black Pearl and the VasaA: The Black Pearl, from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, like the Flying Dutchman, was partly inspired by Dutch flutes of the seventeenth century,... read more »

Question of hellekin beowulf (03.29.2016): Where in the Caribbean is Île-à-Vache (Cow Island)?
Cow Island - L'Île-à-VacheA: The Île-à-Vache is located south of Haiti. It owes its name to the huge amount of oxen and cows that were found there.

In 1670 Henry Morgan was escor...
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Question of A legend (03.22.2016): What is the black spot?
The black spot prepared by pirates from the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis StevensonA: The Black Spot is a literary device invented by Robert Louis Stevenson, author of the novel Treasure Island.

In the book pirates are presented with...
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Question of fredeleme (03.21.2016): How fast did a boat of the Hispañola type from the Treasure Island book move?
A: This boat was a schooner. Its speed could vary between 5 and 14 knots, (between 6 and 16mph, or between 9 and 26km/h).
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Question of kool (03.16.2016): Who was Edward Low's crew?
Buccaneers - by Frederick Judd WaughA: Shortly before a tough battle against the Royal Navy Edward Low commanded the “Fancy” and his second Charles Harris the “Ranger”.

At this time...
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Question of Bellec Justine (03.16.2016): Did Mary Read have a husband?
The woman pirate Mary ReadA: During the war of succession of Spain Mary Read was committed in the Hussars and became the aide of a Flemish officer called Read.

They married...
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Question of Arianit (03.10.2016): What is the date of the first edition of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson?
Treasure Island by StevensonA: Treasure Island was first published in serial form (literature item inserted at the bottom of a newspaper) in an English newspaper for adolescents... read more »

Question of mary-kate (03.07.2016): What is a stop/layover?
A: A stopover is a temporary breakpoint on a maritime route. It is the action of a vessel to stop to refuel, embark, and disembark passengers and cargo... read more »

Question of hugo (03.03.2016): What did the sailors aboard the HMS Victory eat?
HMS Victory cut viewA: Sailors kept chickens housed in cages aboard and goats that were sometimes released on bridges. They caught fish and had cattle and pigs they put in a... read more »

Question of Justine (03.02.2016): To reply to a game at school, 1.What did pirates hide in the sand? 2.What operation should incoming pirates perform on a dock side in order not to fail? 3.Where are the toilets on a boat?
the french movie L'île auX TrésorsA: 1. They hid a chest filled with gold coins :)

2. Pirates had furled the sails (the fold accordion on the yard) and anchor

3. On a small ship the...
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Question of renji (03.02.2016): On a boat which is the port and which is the starboard?
Port, starboard and sternA: The port is on the left if you are on a ship and you look toward the bow (front). Starboard is on the right.

The origin of these words:
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Question of Alice (02.29.2016): When sailors suffering from scurvy arrived at an island, the disease regressed and disappeared. Why?
Scurvy of the piratesA: Scurvy is a disease related to dietary deficiency of vitamin C, which causes receding gums, bleeding, and death.

This disease was widespread among...
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Question of corentin (11.23.2015): Is it possible to find flintlock pistols in working order? Could you also explain their operation? Thank you
Flintlock pistolA: There are still flintlock pistols usable today, provided that they have been properly maintained.

It is possible to buy functional reproductions...
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Question of Josy Vermette (11.20.2015): How was the construction of pirate boats made? My 8 year-old son must answer this question quite explicitly. Thank you very much.
ShipyardA: The boats were not tailored to the pirates :)
In reality the pirates plundered ships (typically merchants) and seized them.

I will very roughly...
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Question of Anonymous (11.18.2015): What is the nickname of Bartholomew Roberts?
Bartholomew RobertsA: Bartholomew Roberts (1682 - February 10 1722), whose real name is John Roberts, the Black Baronet was British and one of the most famous pirates. He... read more »

Question of Jack sparrow (11.18.2015): I have to make a presentation on the symbols and attributes of pirates and their meanings (e.g. the wooden leg, parrot...) Can you help me and give some information? Thank you in advance...
Long John SilverA: What characterizes pirate majority makes rather logical sense:

- The wooden leg was best to replace an amputated limb lost in battle and allowed...
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Question of (11.16.2015): What are the nicknames of Robert Surcouf, king of the privateers?
Robert Surcouf's nicknames are 'King of the privateers', 'fat Robert', 'Ogre of Bengal', 'Tiger seas’A: - "Fat Robert" because he was a little paunchy, over thirty years, and the malouins gave him this nickname as well.

- "Ogre of Bengal" was ...
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Question of Abyssa (11.16.2015): The story of "Pirate of the Caribbean" takes place in what year? Thank you.
Jack Sparrow VS Will TurnerA: The year of the history of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy is not defined.

But it can roughly be deduced by reflecting on when it...
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Question of La buse (11.13.2015): Can you give some names of French privateers operating in the 1720s please?
A: Here are some French privateers active in the 1720s:

- Jean Doublet (1655-1728)
- Claude de Forbin (1656-1733)
- Nicolas Baeteman (1659-1720)
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Question of Malamy (11.13.2015): Why do boats disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?
The Bermuda Triangle solvedA: The disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle is due to a natural phenomenon well known today.
The cause of disappearance of ships and aircraft...
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Question of Mephisto (11.12.2015): How much did Somalian piracy cost the global economy?
Piracy in SomaliaA: Somalian piracy would have cost about US$18 billion (13.9 billion Euros) in losses in world trade during 2012 according to sources from the World... read more »

Question of lola (11.11.2015): Could pirates catch gangrene on boats?
GangrenousA: Yes, and they had a strong chance of having gangrene because naval battles and their collisions inflicted injuries and drugs were scarce.

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Question of Philip (11.10.2015): In what year did privateers appear?
Texel warA: The word privateer is applied to both ships and men.
A registered letter of May 25 1206 was found of record to Eustache le Moine. This letter did...
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Question of perdro (11.10.2015): I want to know what “luff” means. Thank you in advance. Sincerely Pedro
Luff / TackA: Luff means that voluntarily brings the stem to the wind direction. We can also say "come to luff" or up in the wind.

Luff to luff (tack) means...
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Question of VIVIE (11.10.2015): Does La Buse really rest in his tomb in St. Paul Reunion?
The grave of the pirate Olivier Levasseur a.k.a. La BuseA: As I explained on the page dedicated to La Buse, his tomb located to the marine cemetery of St. Paul to the island of Reunion is purely symbolic because... read more »

Question of Anonymous (11.05.2015): How many pirates were there during the golden age of piracy?
Golden age of piracyA: According to the archives it was possible to count about 5,000 pirates in the Caribbean between 1716 and 1726 during the golden age of piracy.
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Question of Koolaza (11.05.2015): Do you know of pirates or privateers who enjoyed great fame in and around 1720?
A: Here are some famous figures around 1720:

The Pirates :
- Olivier Levasseur (a.k.a. La Buse),
- John Rackham (a.k.a. Calico Jack),
- Anne...
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Question of anonymous (11.05.2015): Who is Long John Silver?
Long John SilverA: Long John Silver is the brainchild of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island.

Long John Silver is a very clever Irish pirate: cunning,...
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Question of Christine (11.05.2015): Are there books concerning the youth of Olivier Levasseur La Buse in Calais or his life before becoming a pirate?
Book about La BuseA: I know of only one book that traces the life of Olivier Levasseur a.k.a. La Buse, but it is somewhat fictionalized, so it closely follows all the known... read more »

Question of rulmoch (11.04.2015): Who was the captain of the Black Falcon?
The Black Falcon, the ship of William KiddA: The pirate William Kidd (1645-1701), captain of the brigantine 18th century. Click on the image to enlarge it.

William Kidd

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Question of Helen (11.04.2015): I have for a long time been looking for the exact name of a prow sculpture that had a face carved mostly in wood and was laid in front of a sailboat. Could pirates decorate their boats with such sculptures?
FigureheadA: Pirates did not have time to carve and decorate their ships with figureheads.
If they had a figurehead, it was certainly from a ship they had...
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Question of Captain Pearl (11.03.2015): How much is an 18th century (brand new) galleon to build?
Galleon Neptune built for the movie Pirates by PolanskiA: It is difficult to evaluate but it was about 30,000 pounds toward the 16th and 17th centuries, knowing that if a craftsman earned 15 pounds a month,... read more »

Question of mary44 (11.03.2015): What is a pirate’s hat called?
Tricorn of the pirate Jack SparrowA: A tricorne.

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Question of mimel (11.02.2015): What are the differences between pirates and privateers?
A: You can find the answer in the definitions section.
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Question of M.R (11.02.2015): What’s a sailor abandoned by its crew on a deserted island called?
Pirates marroned by Howard PyleA: An abandoned sailor is called a "maroon" (from a verb). The dictionary states that "maroon: to put ashore and abandon on a deserted island or coast by... read more »

Question of Marion (11.02.2015): For schoolwork I need to know the names of two blood brothers born in the early 16th century in the Ottoman Empire that spread terror in the Mediterranean.
Barbarossa brothersA: These are the famous Barbarossa brothers. Aroudj Baba (1474-1518) and Khair Eddin Pasha (1476-1546).

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Question of sandra (10.30.2015): Where and when did Robert Louis Stevenson die?
Robert Louis StevensonA: Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 13 1850 and died in Vailima, Polynesia on December 3 1894.

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Question of margaux (10.29.2015): What were the greatest dangers on the boat?
A: The worst danger on a boat is fire. Rooster (the cook, coq) could do the kitchen in calm weather. Bad weather would turn off his stove.

Disease was...
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Question of gbn (10.28.2015): What’s the name of the large protruding piece in the bow of a ship which is used to manipulate the anchor?
The CatheadA: This is the cathead.
This is a very thick solid piece of wooden frame that overflows the forecastle and contains clans (notch/cuts) serving high hoist...
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Question of christine76 (10.27.2015): Where were pirates most present? I thank you in advance and congratulations on this site.
Tortuga islandA: Pirates were most present in the Caribbean, specifically in Tortuga Island north of Santo Domingo, which was a nest of pirates and a strategic point... read more »

Question of saranou (10.26.2015): Why have pirates become heroes of novels and movies?
Long John Silver by Matthieu Lauffray A: Any subject can be inspiration for a novel, film, documentary.

Robert Louis StevensonRobert Louis Stevenson’s (1850-1894) masterpiece novel Treasure Island opened th...
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Question of tite-cat (10.24.2015): Were the clippers armed? How many sailors minimum were needed to maneuver one, and how many to maneuver a frigate? Congratulations on this excellent site!
La Renommée, frigate VIII 1744A: Here is an example of the number of sailors on the frigate VIII "La Renommée" (Fame) which amounts to a total of 206 souls:

- Staff Grade: 10
- Gua...
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Question of webrodeur (10.24.2015): What are the most common diseases encountered on boats in the eighteenth century?
A: The pirates were dying more often of disease than in fighting due to poor hygiene on boats, stale food, stale water...

Typhus and typhoid were most...
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Question of CHARLINE (10.24.2015): I wonder how female pirates were dressed.
Anne Bonny, female pirate dress codeA: Female pirates usually dressed like men for several reasons:

- Some did not want to reveal their gender before a ship full of men (Anne Bonny and...
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Question of anonymous gunner (10.24.2015): Hello! I wonder which is the boat that can have the most guns. There were several kinds of guns. (eg Davy Johns canons of triple) Thanks!!! Your site is excellent!
H.M.S. Victory - 102 cannonsA: Boats with the most guns were warships called "The three-decker ships", around 1800. These ships could contain up to 120 guns.

Click images to...
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Question of Claire (10.23.2015): Hello, I've seen in a video game (Pirates of the Caribbean) several Caribbean islands and I wonder if they really existed: Oxbay, Redmond, Isla Muelle, Cliff Flower. Thanks in advance.
A: No, these islands are... read more »

Question of lola (10.23.2015): What is the fabric of pirates’ pants?
A: The fabric was generally solid to protected from splinters due to the impact of the ball on the side of the ship, but also flexible to allow freedom of... read more »

Question of le réunionnais (10.22.2015): Where was La Buse executed?
Olivier Levasseur a.k.a. La BuseA: The pirate Olivier Levasseur known as La Buse was executed in the city of Saint Paul on the island of Reunion in the evening of July 7 1730.

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Question of boum67panpan (10.22.2015): Hello! I’d like you to name (if possible) a large family of corsairs or 4 famous privateers who existed. Thank you.
A: Here're the 4 famous privateers:

Jean Bart the privateer Jean Bart,
René Duguay-Trouin the privateer René Duguay-Trouin,
Jacques Cassard the privateer Jacques Cassard,
Robert Surcouf the privateer Robert Surcouf.

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Question of julie (10.20.2015): Who are the four most famous pirates?
A: The four most famous pirates are in order:

Blackbeard the pirate - Edward Teach the "Blackbeard", who during 2 years shook the southern United States and the...
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Question of iL SiGnOr (10.20.2015): Could you explain how pirates loaded the cannons with an illustration if possible? Was the way to load a cannon and flintlock guns of the era of piracy the same? Thank you.
A: Here is an illustration of handling a cannon of 32 English pounds. (click images to enlarge).

Loading an English canon - step 1 At the Clear the ship for action of battle the mantle...
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Question of mahé (10.20.2015): How was life on a pirate ship?
A: Between attacks and looting the pirates were likely to be immensely bored and become very irritable aboard their narrowboat.

The space under the...
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Question of fiolene (10.16.2015): Hello, I would like to know how pirates are dressed?
Blackbeard's clothesA: The pirate was excluded from society, he was marginal. There could be several outfits. He wore the clothes he plundered from his enemies, such as the... read more »

Question of Rose (10.16.2015): Hello! I'd like to know when piracy started and approximately when it ended
A: Piracy would have started as soon as man embarked on the sea. It is assumed that it existed in the thirteenth and twelfth centuries BC in the eastern... read more »

Question of Brigitte (10.16.2015): Who was Charlotte Berry? Thank you very much for your site! It is excellent.
Charlotte BerryA: Charlotte de Berry was born in England in 1636, followed her husband into the navy disguised as a man.

She was captured by a captain who was leaving...
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Question of V (10.05.2015): What actually was the grapple used for? Could it be used for things other than collision? Could it serve as the butt of a weapon (the cap) of the gun that was not used to fire only?
GrappleA: The grapple was used for several things:
- It could replace the anchor on light boats,
- It served as an anchor on the bank to make maneuvers,
- It...
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Question of Philippe 45 (09.17.2015): Hello! The hold where the powder was stored had a special name, a feminine name (I think). Do you know it?
Saint BarbaraA: This is Saint Barbara.
The Spanish word santabárbara, the corresponding Italian word Santa Barbara, and the obsolete French Sainte-Barbe signify the p...
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Question of Raistlin (09.12.2015): Who is the pirate who had assembled the biggest fortune? Who was the most wanted pirate?
Henry Every a.k.a. Henry Avery, John Avary, Long Ben, Benjamin BridgemanA: The pirate who gathered the biggest fortune is Henry Avery whose fortune was estimated at 325,000 pounds (45 million Euros!).

Don’t confuse him wit...
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Question of Johann (09.11.2015): We always speak of the "seven seas". But what are these seas? Are the oceans among them? Thank you for enlightening me, I'm a landlubber :-)
Seven seasA: In the Middle Ages, the "seven seas" are:
- Adriatic Sea,
- Arabian Sea,
- Black Sea,
- Caspian Sea,
- Mediterranean Sea,
- Persian Gulf,
- Red...
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Question of benjamin (09.10.2015): Hello! I would like to know if it was possible to trace the guns of the age of pirates
A: There are still guns dating back 300 years in museums.
If you search for guns in wreckage on the seabeds, there will remain nothing because the...
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Question of weapons (07.28.2015): Hello! I would like to know what were the weapons of pirates in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Were they firearms and white arms?
A: The pirates used:
- Flintlock pistols, which could also serve as club once they had fired.
- Daggers, knives, and cutlasses, which are easy to...
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Question of Tite-cat (07.28.2015): I want to know what you know on currencies used by (end of 17th and early 18th century) pirates. What are their equivalences between themselves?
Piece of eightA: Here is money of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in different countries.
I put the piece of eight each proportion because it was the most...
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Question of Kasumi (07.28.2015): Did female ship captains ever exist?
Anne Bonny, female pirateA: There were many female shipmasters and it has not always been easy for them to be accepted in this world of men.
But a few have etched their names in...
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Question of Alix (07.28.2015): I heard about Bloody Mary and Davy Jones, but are they real or fictional pirates?
Bloody Mary a.k.a. Mary ReadA: Bloody Mary is Mary Read’s nickname, She was a famous female pirate with Ann Bonny.

And whether Davy Jones was real or not we don't know. But yo...
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Question of Ricco (07.28.2015): I wonder if Gold Roger in the comics series "One Piece" is a completely imagined pirate or copied to a real pirate (compared to the way he smiled before being executed, his joy at being a pirate, compared to his character).
Gol D. Roger et La Buse a.k.a. Olivier LevasseurA: Gold Roger, pirate lord (One Piece):
Eiichiro Oda was inspired by the pirate La Buse (a.k.a. Olivier Levasseur) during the creation of his manga One...
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Question of Derground (07.28.2015): Hello! I would like to know all the names of a pirate or privateer crew captain with sailors. Thank you in advance.
A: Amazing question! Probably intended for a role play:)
Here’s the crew of Blackbeard a.k.a. Edward Teach in 1718:

James Blake,
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Question of benjamin (07.24.2015): I wish to know how pirates were finding ships. Your site is great, it's one of the best sites I've seen! Thank you for the answer.
A: Often the pirates plundered fishing ships. They made arrangements to find fast and highly maneuverable ships to better attack their victims. So they... read more »

Question of La mite (07.24.2015): Hello, I saw some names of ships before the term "HMS". I want to know what it means. Thank you. :)
HMSA: HMS stands for "Her Majesty's Ship" or "His Majesty's Ship", where there is a king or queen at the head of the British government.

All ships of the...
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Question of suspect (07.24.2015): Who is the pirate who collected the most balls and injuries? Please cite the number of injuries.
Blackbeard vs MaynardA: This is Blackbeard who died in battle in 1718 against the Royal Navy.
25 injuries were counted on him in total: 20 stab wounds and 5 gunshots.

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Question of Anonymous (07.21.2015): I wonder how many men there were on a pirate ship. Thank you in advance!
pirates crewA: A: It depends on the size of the pirate ship. During spike ports there could be 200 pirates on frigates.
But when they hunted their victims (often...
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Question of Raistlin, bours and berserk.99 (07.21.2015): I have heard of Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean 2) in several stories. Is he a pirate legend? If this is the case, do you know what this legend is?
Davy Jones and his crewA: Davy Jones would be a particularly incompetent sailor. He was originally a tavern boss who kidnapped the sailors or the devil himself in the... read more »

Question of aanik (07.21.2015): What is the name of the gun used by pirates in the past?
Flintlock PistolA: All depends on the time! But I think you need to talk about the XVII & XVIII centuries. The pirates used several types of guns, such as:
- The...
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Question of mac (07.20.2015): Did Captain Jack Sparrow really exist?
Jack SparrowA: Jack Sparrow was born in the Disney Studios - he was invented. :)

There would still be a little known privateer from Dunkerque (France) from the...
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Question of ben58d12 (07.20.2015): I read on another website that pirates were pirates to realize their dream of becoming rich: was it true?
A: It depends on which century we are interested in.
In antiquity one became a pirate to get rich indeed.
During the golden age of piracy to the early...
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Question of Captain Pearl (07.20.2015): Who was the first pirate in history? Of what nationality?
A: Piracy goes way back to the moment the man started to navigate. The answer to this question will remain a mystery.
 read more »

Question of Flibustier des Caraïbes (07.20.2015): I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2 and stumbled across your site (which is also great!!!). I wonder whether you had the lyrics of the music of "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for me)?" With my sincere thanks and congratulations
A: These are the words of the original music from Disney:

Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)
Artiste : Jonas Brothers
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life...
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Question of Os (07.16.2015): What is the symbolism of the hoop in a pirate’s ear?
A: Sailors had been wearing hoops for a long time. They are subject to numerous symbols:
Since ancient times wearing a gold ring in the ear protected...
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Question of jack sparow (07.16.2015): Did pirates really exist, or is it just a legend?
A: Many historical books report their presence, exploits, and looting; they really existed. And they still exist today and are rife with weapons of... read more »

Question of grandecharlotte (07.16.2015): Why do we always see a negative image of pirates? Were they all murderers?
A: A pirate is defined as an outlaw. Most of the time he plunders, sometimes he rapes and kills. So we can only have a negative image.
Some privateers...
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Question of Jonathan (07.16.2015): I want to know who was the greatest French pirate
Olivier Levasseur dit 'La Buse'. Illustrated by Michel FaureA: This was Olivier Levasseur known as "La Buse". He also left us an enigma still unsolved to this day!

 read more »

Question of iL SiGnOr (07.15.2015): I am Corsica and would like to know if there was a great Corsican pirate?
A: I can cite two:
- Emmanuelli from the 17th century, Corsican pirate born Brandu. In 1638 he plundered the Corsican ship of the boss Ignaziu Pisano,...
 read more »

Question of Jonathan (07.15.2015): From where are there the most sunken ships?
The Cape HornA: This is undoubtedly the Cape Horn, a true marine cemetery where the sea is disassembled by icebergs, storms, and giant waves!

Cape Horn is a tip...
 read more »

Question of La pie (07.15.2015): I live in Le Havre (France). Have there been some pirates or privateers Havrais?
A: Here are some privateers from Le Havre who worked on the seas at the time of Robert Surcouf:
Baclin, Barthin, Bourbeau, Cauchois, Chamel, David,...
 read more »

Question of Catoto (07.15.2015): What is the history of the Flying Dutchman?
The Flying DutchmanA: The Flying Dutchman is the most famous boat, and it always has been sailing since the 17th century...
It is doomed to wander forever in the sea...
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Question of Alexandre (07.10.2015): What are your top 3 biggest stories or books about pirates that I can get?
A: The biggest stories and whose writers today are largely celebrated are those of Daniel Defoe and Alexandre Olivier Oexmelin (or Exquemelin):
- History...
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Question of Beber (07.10.2015): What kind of vessels did pirates use?
A: Pirates used light, very agile vessels with just tonnage and therefore very quick to pounce on their victims. The pirates’ vessels were generall... read more »

Question of Alexandre (07.10.2015): How much gold do you think there is at bottom of the sea at this time from acts of piracy or boats sunken for other than criminal reasons? Do you think it is possible to bring all that gold to the surface?
Pirate ShipwreckA: The seas are the largest warehouses of treasures. More than 40% of Spanish galleons have never returned to their country. A portion was not lost and... read more »

Question of Laralys (07.09.2015): Is there a special language of the pirates?
A: To my knowledge no history book refers to a specific language of the pirates.
However, they had codes that allowed them to communicate with each...
 read more »

Question of berserk.99 (07.09.2015): Who was the cruelest pirate? And who was the fairest?
Edward Low a.k.a. Ned LowA: The cruelest pirate is undoubtedly Edward Low (1690-1724, 34 years old), know as Ned Low, followed by Nau l'Olonnais and Edward Teach (Blackbeard).... read more »

Question of Alain Wirtensohn (07.06.2015): Hello ! Here is a quiz question: What is the real name of the pirate "Big Robert"?
Robert Surcouf dit 'Gros Robert'A: He's not a pirate, but a privateer. His real name is Robert Surcouf. He was a little paunchy after his 30 years old and St. Malo gave him this nickname... read more »

Question of Poutine (07.06.2015): Where can I find a list of boats sunk by pirates and never found?
L'or des galion d'après les archives espagnoles, de Pierre JarnacA: I think the Maritime Museum of Paris is well placed to answer this question. I have some information, but info is scattered amongst many books, but n... read more »

Question of Jez (07.06.2015): The World has changed since the 18th century, but do pirates, buccaneers, and other outlaws still roam the seas today?
Maritime piracy areas in 2006A: Yes, pirates are always present, and piracy has tripled between 1993 and 2003. Of course, there are no longer pirates of the eighteenth century, but... read more »

Question of Antone (07.05.2015): In your opinion who is the greatest pirate in history?
Sir Henry MorganA: I think it's Henry Morgan (a filibuster). The capture of Panama is one of the largest expeditions led by buccaneers.
He was eventually knighted a...
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Question of Victphane (07.03.2015): Being a history buff I know that there were times when at the palace of Versailles kings defecated on the stairs. What was he in the galleons?
The toilets on the galleons: the poulaines R: The toilets on the galleon were placed on the beak to the bow (front). The beak is a grid of squared timbers. The sailors did their business into the... read more »

Question of Smash64 (06.30.2015): In the pirate crew did the captain have a second officer, someone who was almost as respected as the captain?
A: Regarding the second officer, yes, there is one. The main body trades in the vessels:
  • The Captain
  • The Master: The captain could not do anything...
 read more »

Question of Smash64 (06.30.2015): I was wondering if you knew where the rudder was on a ship. On the deck or on the quarterdeck?
A: It depends on its location or the century in which we ask this question. Before the 18th century (this is where I have the most knowledge) I can give... read more »

Question of Victphane (06.30.2015): I have a question about pirates: they were at sea always all men, never women... What about their sex lives?
A: There has existed a few female pirates mixed with men, such as Ann Bonny, Mary Read, Ms. Ching, and they had characters strong enough to be respected.... read more »

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