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Question of Os (07.16.2015): What is the symbolism of the hoop in a pirate’s ear?
A: Sailors had been wearing hoops for a long time. They are subject to numerous symbols:
Since ancient times wearing a gold ring in the ear protected from drowning and shipwrecks.
The sailor must pierce the ear and not use pliers loops. The hole in the lobe provides good views and keeps away ophthalmic ailments. The sailor will have a pretty good view to spot rocks, enemy ships, etc. from afar.
The gold ring in his ear is also a treasure for the sailor, primarily for the priest to pay for his funeral if the seafarer were to die far from home.
The earring was the symbol of betrothal between the sailor and the sea. Finally, the earring was often worn by a sailor only when he managed to cross Cape Horn, which corresponded to a real trophy for him.

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