Talk like a pirate day - TLAPD

«Talk like a pirate day»

Every year on 19 September the US celebrates «Talk Like a Pirate Day» (tlapd), the only day when we can talk like pirates without being perceived as mad:)
The famous Key West pirate port in Florida organizes a festival with songs, actors, navigation, and hodgepodge!


John Baur «Ol' Chum Bucket» and Mark Summers «Cap'n Slappy» «Talk Like a Pirate» was created on June 6 1995 by John Baur known as "Ol' Chum Bucket" and Mark Summers "Cap'n Slappy" when they were playing rackets. One of them hit the ball against the wall so hard that he cried out "Arrr!". It was the beginning of the story that led to yelling out other cries and absurd sentences. Their game took off so well that they ended up to speaking pirate slang.

They eventually wanted to create an anniversary of that memorable day of pirate talk, but June 6 being the date of the D-Day invasion of Normandy in World War II it was not the greatest of dates for the occasion! Mark Summers suggested September 19, the anniversary [or should this be birthday ?] of his former wife, which was the only time he could remember. Thus they talked like pirates and encouraged their friends to do so.
September 19 is the «Talk Like a Pirate Day», also known by the acronym «TLAPD».

To glorify that date and make it into a custom they wanted to make it an international day and are being helped by the famous American columnist Dave Barry humor [by the word humor do you mean that Dave Barry is also a humorist ? If you do mean that, then rephrase to 'famous American columnist and humorist Dave Barry'.

How to talk like a pirate (US)

- Remove all the Gs. For example, instead of 'sailing' or 'fighting' or 'anything' say sailin, fightin and anythin in pirate slang.
- Remove all the Vs. For example, instead of 'ever' or 'never', say e'er and ne'er in pirate slang.
- Double any adjectives. Pirates never say 'a big ship', they rather say 'a great, grand ship'! For another example, they never say 'never', but 'No nay ne'er!'.

The pirate vocabulary (US)

- Arrr!: Like Hawaiian aloha, this means hello, goodbye, etc ... use this interjection according to what youwant to say:)
- Ahoy: Hey !
- Avast: Stop !
- Aye: Yes
- Booty: Treasure
- Fathom: Measuring depth of six feet
- Grog: Pirate's favorite drink
- Harrr: pirate's bold laughter
- Jack: a pirate flag / flag or a sailor
- Jolly Roger: Pirate flag
- Lass: a woman
- League: 3000 Marine
- Loaded to the Gunwhales: drunk
- Matey: A shipmate or a friend
- Me: my
- Privateer: a pirate officially sanctioned by a national power
- Scallywag: A bad person. A scoundrel
- Son of a Biscuit Eater: A derogatory term indicating a hybrid son of a sailor
- Sprogs: untrained recruits
- Squiffy: a buffoon
- Squadron: a group of 10 or fewer warships
- Sweet trade: the pirate career
- Thar: the opposite of here
- Yarrr: agreement
- Yo-ho-ho: pirate laugh

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The two small surprises at the end

- Google pirate speak on its home page!
- Facebook speaks pirate too! Scroll down the Facebook page, click "English" to change the language, then click the arrow next to "English" and select "English (Pirate)"!

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