The tortures of pirates

The tortures of pirates

William Kidd Several pirates, to be respected and preserve their absolute fame, were capable of unbelievable cruelty and inflicted sadistic punishments.
Witnesses of sailors forced to eat cockroaches or swallow their own blood after their teeth had been pulled out weren’t rare. Without counting some more terrible punishments of which the chances of survival were slim:

Jean David NAU a.k.a. François L'Olonnais the cruel
Jean David NAU a.k.a. François L'Olonnais the cruel, one of the cruelest of all pirates (after Edward Low), knew that his prisoners preferred to commit suicide to interrogation by him.
He would cut off and tear to pieces the tongues of people who confessed to anything under torture. We saw a prisoner’s heart cut out for another to eat it raw...

An excerpt from the novel «Long John Silver» by Björn Larsson, detailing torture fascia (or wide wedge of the ship):
[...] Butterworth ordered the pirate to lower Long John Silver along his bonds to the rustling water surface.
    I then did as I had been taught by the old Indian Chesapeake, before diving under water for a long time I breathed deeply many times to ventilate before closing the mouth. Do not scream! Such was my last thought. A single cry of pain and I’d have spoken my last word on this side of the grave.
    The waves were closed on me, ropes were taut, and my back came scraping the keel. I had not yet come a foot and I felt my skin open and cutting raw pain in my will to live. I knew one thing. After ninety feet of such treatment, my precious body would be a mass of flesh and this would be the end of Long John Silver. I then pondered at the end of my bonds, like a fly in a spider's web. What hope? Was I not bound hand and foot?
    ‘My hands’, I thought suddenly, probably feeling a splinter of wood in one of my buttocks, which made me tighten my arm against my body. I immediately felt soft to port, a breaststroke, two fathoms like this, luff! From that side the guys had obeyed the instructions of the second not too soft ropes. Like this! Soft! The two guys who sneered at starboard, mocking the fate of John Silver, were yet to see. I grabbed their hawser with both hands, support myself on the hull with the heels, and pulled with all my strength, a force I think I have never deployed before or after. My chest was stretched to the point of giving me the impression that it was going to burst, my ears began to ring with a real hurricane, but before the black total would be done before my eyes, [...]

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