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    I love everything related to pirates and privateers, and to go even further I began to paint the Navy in oil.
It's funny: I hated the paintings until the day I went to visit the Musée d'Orsay in 1989 in Paris, which gave me a kick of inspiration, but not strong enough to paint. It took me to start playing Magic cards (Magic The Gathering) and enjoy the fabulous work of artists who painted the fantastic creatures and landscapes of these playing cards.

I started oil painting in December 2004 by reproducing a drawing of the comic "El Cazador" (see below). I named this painting "The Galleons of the Armada." I'll let you read reviews of their making:)

To see other paintings in progress,
visit my website: http://www.alaindecayeux.com/ (french)

Finished paintings

Reproduction of 'The Siege of La Rochelle' by Alain Decayeux
Click image to enlarge
The siege of La Rochelle
ordered by Richelieu

Reproduction of the work of
Henri-Paul Motte (1846-1922)

Oil on canvas
46 x 38 cm

Watch the making of the painting:

The making of the painting 'The Siege of La Rochelle'

To see other paintings in progress,
visit my website : http://www.alaindecayeux.com/ (french)

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