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Question of Lisa (09.02.2022): When did piracy start and when did it end?
The Buccaneers - oil painting by Frederick Judd Waugh R: Piracy goes back to the dawn of time, since the day man began to sail about 130,000 years ago, according to archaeological excavations conducted on the island of Crete, not far from Greece.

And maritime piracy has not ended! It still continues today and with today's technologies.

Piracy has crossed all ages:
- prehistory, homo-sapiens (~120 000 BC - ~3500 BC),
- the Antiquity (52 BC-476),
- the Middle Ages (476-1492),
- the renaissance (1492-1610),

Then the modern era including:
- the English Sea Dogs and Dutch privateers (1610-1650),
- the Buccaneers (1650-1690),
- the golden age of piracy (1690-1730),
- the decline of piracy (1730-1900),

And finally:
- The Contemporary Era (1900 to present)

© Oil painting "The Buccaneers" by Frederick Judd Waugh

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