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Question of Tristan (04.18.2016): Id like to have a timeline of the conquest of Puerto Bello made by Henry Morgan in 1668, as well as other information such as the number of boats, men, dead, etc. Thank you.
The capture of Porto Bello in 1668 by Henry MorganA: After looting Puerto Principe and that taking bringing only 60 crowns to each man, Henry Morgan suggested capturing Porto Bello in 1668, mistress city to boarding coveted metal from Peru: gold.

No one has ever managed to seize the city. Several British died in the storming as did Sir Francis Drake.
60 cannons were directed to the entrance of the bay to repel all intruders. The attack of Porto Bello by sea was suicidal.

Morgan decided to weigh anchor with its fleet of eight small vessels. He met an adventurer from Campeche taking part in the project. Morgan lead nine vessels and 470 men.

He landed at Naos, a village 12 miles from the goal he would not forget to loot. From there he sailed along the coast to the port of El Puerto del Ponton, 4 miles from Porto Bello.

After 4 days, shortly after midnight, he reached the first peak of the town of Porto Bello. He built pretty high and wide wooden ladders that three men could climb head on. The operation was difficult and he lost many men. He ordered a group to go into convents and bring monks and nuns. His men pointed their weapons towards the religious order and carried ladders to the speakers of the fort.

They climbed and Spanish defenders of the fort lifted their arms because they believed that they would go to hell if they killed a religious person. They were caught by the pirates climbing behind the religious people. The fort would have been blasted to let in Morgan's army.

Alexandre-Olivier OExmelin (or OExquemelin) described him as a rapist and a robber. The fort was never destroyed because it was still standing. Morgan was furious to read these lies in the stories of the writer OExmelin.

Morgan used this first fort there to store his injuries.
He used guns to attack the second fort hard and conquered it with much more ease.

The third fort held strong for a little longer, and the fight was finished around 3 in the afternoon. Morgan was the winner.

Joseph brought his ships to port the next morning while his adventurers looted the city.

He returned to Jamaica with over 260,000 crowns and jewels, as well as fabrics and many valuable goods.

To summarize in numbers:
- Henry Morgan had 9 small vessels including 470 men,
- The fort of Porto Bello was composed of 400 Spanish soldiers
- 260,000 crowns and jewels and many other goods were looted.

» Porto Bello Google Maps (Detailed)
» Porto Bello Google Maps (large scale)

© illustration by Angus McBride and Osprey Publishing, from the book Buccaneers 1620-1700, Osprey Publishing

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