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Question of julie (10.20.2015): Who are the four most famous pirates?
A: The four most famous pirates are in order:

Blackbeard the pirate - Edward Teach the "Blackbeard", who during 2 years shook the southern United States and the Caribbean. He is the most famous figure of piracy.

Henry Morgan - Henry Morgan, who performed prodigious shipments. He managed to move from pirate to a respectable governor.

Bartholomew Roberts - Bartholomew Roberts, who led the career of the most successful pirate in history, plundering some 400 ships.

Olivier Levasseur known as La Buse - Olivier Levasseur known as "La Buse" who left his cryptogram and clues etched on stones indicating the location of his treasure still missing to this day.

But it is difficult to name only four pirates. There are a few others well known:

William Kidd - William Kidd, privateer sent to the Indian Ocean to chase pirates, and turned pirate himself. He was executed and displayed in a gibbet cage.

Anne Bonny - Anne Bonny, a very famous female pirate who had extraordinary courage and could fight better than a man when she was enraged!

François Nau, L'Olonnais - François Nau, the cruelest French pirate.

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