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Question of kool (03.16.2016): Who was Edward Low's crew?
Buccaneers - by Frederick Judd WaughA: Shortly before a tough battle against the Royal Navy Edward Low commanded the “Fancy” and his second Charles Harris the “Ranger”.

At this time the crew of Fancy was:

Edward Low, Captain,
Phillip Ashton,
Thomas Child,
Lawrence Fabens,
Richard Hains,
John Hincher, Doctor - Edinborough, England
Joseph Libbie,
Nicholas Merritt,
Richard Owen,
Robert Rich - London
Francis Farrington Spriggs,
Joseph Sweetser - Charlestown,
Frederick Van der Scure,
Robert Willis - London,
2 unknown Marbleheads,
4 unknown Island Shoals,
4 unknown merchants of Liverpool,
an unknown number of unknown fishermen from Grand Banks,
an unknown number of unknown King Sagamore,

And the crew of the Ranger was:

Charles Harris, Captain, 25 years old - London,
William Blads, 28 years old - Rhode Island,
Daniel Hide, 23 years old - Virginia,
Thomas Powel junior, 21 years old - Connecticut,
Stephen Mundon, 20 years old - London,
Thomas Huggit, 30 years old - London,
William Read, 35 years old - Londonderry, Irland,
Peter Kneeves, 32 years old - Exeter, Devon,
James Brinkly, 28 years old - Suffolk, England,
Joseph Sound, 28 years old - Westminster,
William Shutfield, 40 years old - Lancaster, England,
Edward Eaton, 38 years old - Wrexham, Wales,
John Brown, 29 years old - County Durham,
Edward Lawson, 20 years old - Isle of Man,
Owen Rice, 27 years old - South Wales,
John Tompkins, 23 years old - Gloucestershire,
John Fitzgerald, 21 years old - Limerick, Irland,
Abraham Lacy, 21 years old - Devonshire,
Thomas Linister, 21 years old - Lancashire,
Francis Leyton, 39 years old - New York,
John Waters, Quartermaster, 35 years old - Devonshire,
William Jones, 28 years old - London,
Charles Church, 21 years old - St Margaret's, Westminster,
Thomas Hazel, 50 years old - Westminster,
John Bright, 25 years old - Westminster,
John Brown, 17 years old - Liverpool,
Patrick Cunningham, 25 years old - Liverpool,
John Wilson, 23 years old - New London County,
Henry Barnes, 22 years old - Barbados,
Thomas Jones, 17 years old - Flur, Wales,
Joseph Switzer, 24 years old - Boston, New England
Thomas Mumper, Indian - Mather's Vineyard, N.A.
John Hincher, Docteur, 22 years old - Edinburgh, Scotland,
John Fletcher, 17 years old - Edinburgh, Scotland,
Thomas Child, 15 years old - Edinburgh, Scotland.

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