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Question of Julie (08.30.2022): What are the most famous pirate ship names?
R: Many pirate ships are famous, not only for the fame of their captains, but also for the feats they performed and the discovery of their wrecks centuries later.

The Queen Anne's Revenge ship of the pirate Blackbeard

Queen Anne's Revenge

Frigate of the pirate Blackbeard (Blackbeard en français, supposedly named Edward Drummond). This 300-ton, 26-gun ship, built in 1710, was engaged in the slave trade and owned by the Frenchman René Montaudouin and was called "Le Concorde". Blackbeard seized it on 28 November 1717. It was sunk in May 1718 off Beaufort, North Carolina and was recovered in 1996.

The frigate Adventure Galley of the pirate William

Adventure Galley

An English ship of the pirate William Kidd (or Captain Kidd) in 1698, armed with 36 guns and a crew of 70 men.
It was a hybrid ship, combining square-rigged sails and oars to give it manoeuvrability in both wind and calm.
The ship was bought for £8,000, or £970,000 today, equivalent to about €1.2 million. She could reach 14 knots (26 km/h) under full sail.
By 1698, the ship's hull had become so rotten that it was no longer seaworthy. She was stripped of everything movable and sunk off the northeast coast of Madagascar according to Captain Kidd, but was reportedly washed ashore in Madagascar according to William Jenkins, one of Captain Kidd's crew. Her remains have not yet been found.

Whydah Gally of the pirate Samuel « Black Sam » Bellamy

Whydah Gally

Ship of the pirate Samuel « Black Sam » Bellamy. It sank in a storm off Cape Cod on 26 April 1717 with its captain and almost the entire crew. The wreck was recovered in 1996 and contained many riches.

Brigantine The Ranger of the pirate Charles Vane

The Ranger

Brigantine of 12 guns and 80 men belonging to the pirate Charles Vane.

Sloop The Revenge renamed Royal James by the pirate Stede Bonnet

Royal James

Sloop of the pirate Stede Bonnet in 1718. Unusually, it was Bonnet himself who bought the 10-gun ship, which he named The Revenge. Later, in order to escape the King's pardon and the resumption of his piracy activities, he renamed his ship The Royal James, probably in honour of the Knight of St. George, the son of the banished English king, James II

Flying Dragon sloop of the pirate Edmund Condent

Flying dragon (le Dragon Volant)

Sloop of the pirate Edmund Condent in 1719. He captured this Dutch-origin ship in the Cape Verde Islands.

Frigate Charles II renamed The Fancy by the pirate Henry Every


Ship of the pirate Henry Every known as Long Ben between May 1694 and late 1695.
The Fancy was a 46-gun frigate originally named Charles II, in the service of Spain, previously commanded by Captain Gibson.
Henry Every had the Fancy refitted in the Comoros Islands, intentionally removing parts of the ship's superstructure to increase her speed. As a result of this work, the Fancy became one of the fastest ships in the Indian Ocean.
Although the fate of the Fancy is unknown, it is rumoured that Every gave it to the Governor of Nassau as a bribe. There is documentary evidence that the Fancy ran aground in New Providence and that Governor Trott had the cannons and anything else of value stripped off.
The painting on the right is the ship The Charles Galley, which is a very similar ship to The Fancy.


Ship of the English buccaneer Henry Morgan in 1669.
This ship was ordered from the Deptford Dockyard on 28 December 1654 and delivered in November 1656. The shipowner was Manley Callis who served from 1634 to 1657. The Oxford was armed with 18 guns and passed through the hands of ten captains in the 13 years of her existence.

The wreck was discovered in 1980 by Erick Surcouf (descendant of the famous privateer Robert Surcouf).

La Vierge du Cap (The Virgin of the Cape) renamed as Le Victorieux (The Victorious)

Ship of the pirate Olivier Levasseur, known as La Buse, which he refitted in April 1721 and renamed Le Victorieux. This 72-gun ship originally belonged to the Portuguese and carried the vice king of the East Indies and the archbishop of Goa.

Royal Fortune

Sloop of the pirate Bartholomew Roberts (Black Bart or Black baronet) in 1722.


Dutch 34-gun ship of the pirate Edward England in 1720.

The William

Sloop of the pirates Calico Jack (Jack Rackham) and Ann Bonny in 1720.

You can see the Queen Anne's Revenge and the Whydah Gally in the video below, which shows the differences in size of the ships from the 17th century to today.

© Illustrations: Tony Bryan - « The Pirate Ship 1660-1730 «, Osprey publishing,

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