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Question of Malamy (11.13.2015): Why do boats disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?
The Bermuda Triangle solvedA: The disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle is due to a natural phenomenon well known today.
The cause of disappearance of ships and aircraft is methane. The Bermuda Triangle seabed contains huge methane reserves.
If an earthquake or strong currents occur at that location, it causes landslides releasing methane bubbles, which alter the density of the surrounding water. Vessels have no more lift and flow like stones. The methane released into the atmosphere is also dangerous for aircraft.

The Bermuda Triangle solved - 1The seabed contains pockets of gas, in particular methane, from the degradation of plants or dead animals.

The Bermuda Triangle solved - 2A light earthquake or strong currents produce a landslide, exposing the gas pockets.

The Bermuda Triangle solved - 3The gas escapes forming a giant bubble. Sailors can see bubbling water - small bubbles escaped before the giant. The boat is found tossed in all directions. It is too late to escape ...

The Bermuda Triangle solved - 4In escaping the giant bubble leaves behind a crater in the seabed.

The Bermuda Triangle solved - 5The bubble explodes on contact with the hull of the boat, then falls to the bottom of the gas cavity. Walls of water around the boat and immediately overwhelms. The ship is sinking like a rock, leaving no trace of its passage.
© Photos: Dominique Galland

In the Gulf of Mexico (southwest of the Bermuda Triangle), a similar phenomenon of disappearances of ships also exists. It is no underground deposits containing natural gas, but crystals buried in marine sediments, which are sort of marine gas tanks, called "methane hydrates". It has the appearance of snow blocks, and when the pressure becomes stronger and temperatures drop, a warm water current flow can melt and thus release gas hydrates which decompose into methane and water.

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