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Question of Smash64 (06.30.2015): In the pirate crew did the captain have a second officer, someone who was almost as respected as the captain?
A: Regarding the second officer, yes, there is one. The main body trades in the vessels:
  • The Captain
  • The Master: The captain could not do anything that the master approved [approved ? Or should it be …that the master didn’t approve ?]. He spoke on behalf of the crew and ensured its interests. He was like the ship magistrate. This is the second officer and this answers your question :)
  • Officers: Sometimes they were elected but usually they were appointed by the captain and the master.
  • A Lieutenant: The only function was to replace the captain if he were to disappear.

Other executives:

  • The sail master was responsible for navigation and setting up the sails.
  • The boatswain (or bosco) oversaw the vessel. He ensured the maintenance of the vessel, hoists, supplies, and smooth running of daily work.
  • Gunner: oversaw the artillery, led gunnery exercises, and monitored servants’ parts during combat.
  • Carpenter: repaired the ship when needed. With the doctor they were called "artists".
  • Doctor: spent most of his time treating venereal diseases. During battles he dressed the wounds and practiced amputations. If there was no doctor, the carpenter filled the role ...
  • The sailors.

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