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Question of fiolene (10.16.2015): Hello, I would like to know how pirates are dressed?
Blackbeard's clothesA: The pirate was excluded from society, he was marginal. There could be several outfits. He wore the clothes he plundered from his enemies, such as the bourgeois or foreigners. But the hard life onboard a ship required simple and especially practical clothes.
- A belt to put the cutlass and flintlock pistols on,
- A scarf on his head to protect him from splinters due to the impact of the ball on the sides of the ship.
- Marine jacket made of highly resistant wool fabric. Molded clothes were too dangerous in combat because of shrapnel! So they had loose clothing, but not too much so as not to be hampered in their daily tasks onboard.
- Pants.
- Bare foot on the deck of a ship to adhere well.

Some pirates dressed wildly, like John Rackham who wore brightly colored clothing. Blackbeard used a great scarf to place his six guns under and wore a hat under which he lit firebrands of which the black smoke gave him a terrifying appearance!

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