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Question of Germur (04.12.2016): Is it true that the carpenter (a leading master) received a larger share of booty than the rest of the crew? In what way?
The pirate code / charter partyA: I say that this is not wrong, because everything depends on who wrote the pirate code contract.

Alexandre Olivier Oexmelin explains the pirate code "in general" indicating indirectly that the carpenter receives no larger share than other sailors.
Indeed, the captain receives a share of the profits and the enemy ship or two shares of profits if the ship is common to all the crew or not.
The surgeon received 200 crowns for his safe drugs, whether taken or not, but had a share of the spoils like other sailors.
The officers were also treated as members of the crew.
Then there were additional rewards for the man who took the initiative to capture the enemy ship and to the crippled sailors. These sailors had the choice to take the money or the equivalent of slaves.

Henry Morgan attributed the reward of 100 dollars to a carpenter for work performed. The surgeon received 200 for his "remedies".
Other awards were diverse and varied as the one who would take away the enemy flag of a fortress there to fly the English flag, taking a prisoner in order to snatch vital information, the grenadiers who would fight and destroy a fortress, etc., and of course, always the famous social security of rewarding the maimed.
© photo: Extract of pirate code / charter party agreement for shipment of the ship Weapons Amsterdam to Quebec. January 20, 1657. Source: AD17 Notary Pierre Moreau.

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