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Question of Victphane (06.30.2015): I have a question about pirates: they were at sea always all men, never women... What about their sex lives?
A: There has existed a few female pirates mixed with men, such as Ann Bonny, Mary Read, Ms. Ching, and they had characters strong enough to be respected. They should behave like men and go into battle.
But in fact, some pirates were homosexual, and even if much evidence does not exist, an abundance of pirates and the lack of women is the safest place to go in this direction. Some buccaneers of Hispaniola and Tortuga lived in a kind of homosexual union known as the "seamanship" (from the French word "sailor" that would be the root of the English word "mate" meaning "companion") and who shared everything they had: money, women ... Despite all the regulations specified on a ship there was no regulation against homosexuality ...

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