The questions everyone asks about pirates and privateers - (image : Long John Silver in Treasure Island - 1883)
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04.21.2016   » Can you give me the name of two famous St. Malo corsairs? Thank you in advance!
04.20.2016   » How to keep the sails on the masts?
04.19.2016   » I'm a writer and I would like to know whether there are very specific first names of pirates or there are some that would be better. And the last names? Thank you for your cooperation!
04.18.2016   » Were there ships carrying 100 guns? Are there any bigger ships as frigates?
04.18.2016   » I’d like to have a timeline of the conquest of Puerto Bello made by Henry Morgan in 1668, as well as other information such as the number of boats, men, dead, etc. Thank you.
04.15.2016   » How old was Blackbeard when he died?
04.14.2016   » Could you display a picture of a flintlock pistol?
04.14.2016   » Where does the word "piracy" come from?
04.14.2016   » For some time I've been wanting to know what makes the rudder turn. Can you help me?
04.12.2016   » Is it true that the carpenter (a leading master) received a larger share of booty than the rest of the crew? In what way?
04.11.2016   » Are there still pirates today?
04.11.2016   » Did Captain Hector Barbossa from "Pirates of the Caribbean" really exist?
04.08.2016   » Do you have the lyrics of the first song from the "Pirates of the Caribbean 3": Hoist The Colours?
04.07.2016   » What is a Sea biscuit or Hardtack?
04.05.2016   » What exactly is Piece of Eight?
04.01.2016   » What weight can a pirate ship withstand?
03.31.2016   » Did pirates also plunder on land?
03.29.2016   » Hello! Can you tell me which style of ship is closest to the Black Pearl?
03.29.2016   » Where in the Caribbean is Île-à-Vache (Cow Island)?
03.22.2016   » What is the black spot?
03.21.2016   » How fast did a boat of the Hispañola type from the Treasure Island book move?
03.16.2016   » Who was Edward Low's crew?
03.16.2016   » Did Mary Read have a husband?
03.10.2016   » What is the date of the first edition of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson?
03.07.2016   » What is a stop/layover?

Questions 1 to 25 on 114     |     Page # 

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