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09.11.2015   » We always speak of the "seven seas". But what are these seas? Are the oceans among them? Thank you for enlightening me, I'm a landlubber :-)
09.10.2015   » Hello! I would like to know if it was possible to trace the guns of the age of pirates
07.28.2015   » Hello! I would like to know what were the weapons of pirates in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Were they firearms and white arms?
07.28.2015   » I want to know what you know on currencies used by (end of 17th and early 18th century) pirates. What are their equivalences between themselves?
07.28.2015   » Did female ship captains ever exist?
07.28.2015   » I heard about Bloody Mary and Davy Jones, but are they real or fictional pirates?
07.28.2015   » I wonder if Gold Roger in the comics series "One Piece" is a completely imagined pirate or copied to a real pirate (compared to the way he smiled before being executed, his joy at being a pirate, compared to his character).
07.28.2015   » Hello! I would like to know all the names of a pirate or privateer crew captain with sailors. Thank you in advance.
07.24.2015   » I wish to know how pirates were finding ships. Your site is great, it's one of the best sites I've seen! Thank you for the answer.
07.24.2015   » Hello, I saw some names of ships before the term "HMS". I want to know what it means. Thank you. :)
07.24.2015   » Who is the pirate who collected the most balls and injuries? Please cite the number of injuries.
07.21.2015   » I wonder how many men there were on a pirate ship. Thank you in advance!
07.21.2015   » I have heard of Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean 2) in several stories. Is he a pirate legend? If this is the case, do you know what this legend is?
07.21.2015   » What is the name of the gun used by pirates in the past?
07.20.2015   » Did Captain Jack Sparrow really exist?
07.20.2015   » I read on another website that pirates were pirates to realize their dream of becoming rich: was it true?
07.20.2015   » Who was the first pirate in history? Of what nationality?
07.20.2015   » I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2 and stumbled across your site (which is also great!!!). I wonder whether you had the lyrics of the music of "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for me)?" With my sincere thanks and congratulations
07.16.2015   » What is the symbolism of the hoop in a pirate’s ear?
07.16.2015   » Did pirates really exist, or is it just a legend?
07.16.2015   » Why do we always see a negative image of pirates? Were they all murderers?
07.16.2015   » I want to know who was the greatest French pirate
07.15.2015   » I am Corsica and would like to know if there was a great Corsican pirate?
07.15.2015   » From where are there the most sunken ships?
07.15.2015   » I live in Le Havre (France). Have there been some pirates or privateers Havrais?

Questions 76 to 100 on 114     |     Page # 

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