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03.03.2016   » What did the sailors aboard the HMS Victory eat?
03.02.2016   » To reply to a game at school, 1.What did pirates hide in the sand? 2.What operation should incoming pirates perform on a dock side in order not to fail? 3.Where are the toilets on a boat?
03.02.2016   » On a boat which is the port and which is the starboard?
02.29.2016   » When sailors suffering from scurvy arrived at an island, the disease regressed and disappeared. Why?
11.23.2015   » Is it possible to find flintlock pistols in working order? Could you also explain their operation? Thank you
11.20.2015   » How was the construction of pirate boats made? My 8 year-old son must answer this question quite explicitly. Thank you very much.
11.18.2015   » I have to make a presentation on the symbols and attributes of pirates and their meanings (e.g. the wooden leg, parrot...) Can you help me and give some information? Thank you in advance...
11.18.2015   » What is the nickname of Bartholomew Roberts?
11.16.2015   » The story of "Pirate of the Caribbean" takes place in what year? Thank you.
11.16.2015   » What are the nicknames of Robert Surcouf, king of the privateers?
11.13.2015   » Why do boats disappear in the Bermuda Triangle?
11.13.2015   » Can you give some names of French privateers operating in the 1720s please?
11.12.2015   » How much did Somalian piracy cost the global economy?
11.11.2015   » Could pirates catch gangrene on boats?
11.10.2015   » Does La Buse really rest in his tomb in St. Paul Reunion?
11.10.2015   » I want to know what “luff” means. Thank you in advance. Sincerely Pedro
11.10.2015   » In what year did privateers appear?
11.05.2015   » Are there books concerning the youth of Olivier Levasseur La Buse in Calais or his life before becoming a pirate?
11.05.2015   » Who is Long John Silver?
11.05.2015   » How many pirates were there during the golden age of piracy?
11.05.2015   » Do you know of pirates or privateers who enjoyed great fame in and around 1720?
11.04.2015   » Who was the captain of the Black Falcon?
11.04.2015   » I have for a long time been looking for the exact name of a prow sculpture that had a face carved mostly in wood and was laid in front of a sailboat. Could pirates decorate their boats with such sculptures?
11.03.2015   » How much is an 18th century (brand new) galleon to build?
11.03.2015   » What is a pirate’s hat called?

Questions 26 to 50 on 114     |     Page # 

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