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07.15.2015   » What is the history of the Flying Dutchman?
07.10.2015   » What are your top 3 biggest stories or books about pirates that I can get?
07.10.2015   » What kind of vessels did pirates use?
07.10.2015   » How much gold do you think there is at bottom of the sea at this time from acts of piracy or boats sunken for other than criminal reasons? Do you think it is possible to bring all that gold to the surface?
07.09.2015   » Is there a special language of the pirates?
07.09.2015   » Who was the cruelest pirate? And who was the fairest?
07.06.2015   » Hello ! Here is a quiz question: What is the real name of the pirate "Big Robert"?
07.06.2015   » Where can I find a list of boats sunk by pirates and never found?
07.06.2015   » The World has changed since the 18th century, but do pirates, buccaneers, and other outlaws still roam the seas today?
07.05.2015   » In your opinion who is the greatest pirate in history?
07.03.2015   » Being a history buff I know that there were times when at the palace of Versailles kings defecated on the stairs. What was he in the galleons?
06.30.2015   » In the pirate crew did the captain have a second officer, someone who was almost as respected as the captain?
06.30.2015   » I was wondering if you knew where the rudder was on a ship. On the deck or on the quarterdeck?
06.30.2015   » I have a question about pirates: they were at sea always all men, never women... What about their sex lives?

Questions 101 to 114 on 114     |     Page # 

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