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11.02.2015   » What are the differences between pirates and privateers?
11.02.2015   » What’s a sailor abandoned by its crew on a deserted island called?
11.02.2015   » For schoolwork I need to know the names of two blood brothers born in the early 16th century in the Ottoman Empire that spread terror in the Mediterranean.
10.30.2015   » Where and when did Robert Louis Stevenson die?
10.29.2015   » What were the greatest dangers on the boat?
10.28.2015   » What’s the name of the large protruding piece in the bow of a ship which is used to manipulate the anchor?
10.27.2015   » Where were pirates most present? I thank you in advance and congratulations on this site.
10.26.2015   » Why have pirates become heroes of novels and movies?
10.24.2015   » Hello! I wonder which is the boat that can have the most guns. There were several kinds of guns. (eg Davy Johns canons of triple) Thanks!!! Your site is excellent!
10.24.2015   » I wonder how female pirates were dressed.
10.24.2015   » What are the most common diseases encountered on boats in the eighteenth century?
10.24.2015   » Were the clippers armed? How many sailors minimum were needed to maneuver one, and how many to maneuver a frigate? Congratulations on this excellent site!
10.23.2015   » What is the fabric of pirates’ pants?
10.23.2015   » Hello, I've seen in a video game (Pirates of the Caribbean) several Caribbean islands and I wonder if they really existed: Oxbay, Redmond, Isla Muelle, Cliff Flower. Thanks in advance.
10.22.2015   » Hello! I’d like you to name (if possible) a large family of corsairs or 4 famous privateers who existed. Thank you.
10.22.2015   » Where was La Buse executed?
10.20.2015   » Could you explain how pirates loaded the cannons with an illustration if possible? Was the way to load a cannon and flintlock guns of the era of piracy the same? Thank you.
10.20.2015   » Who are the four most famous pirates?
10.20.2015   » How was life on a pirate ship?
10.16.2015   » Who was Charlotte Berry? Thank you very much for your site! It is excellent.
10.16.2015   » Hello! I'd like to know when piracy started and approximately when it ended
10.16.2015   » Hello, I would like to know how pirates are dressed?
10.05.2015   » What actually was the grapple used for? Could it be used for things other than collision? Could it serve as the butt of a weapon (the cap) of the gun that was not used to fire only?
09.17.2015   » Hello! The hold where the powder was stored had a special name, a feminine name (I think). Do you know it?
09.12.2015   » Who is the pirate who had assembled the biggest fortune? Who was the most wanted pirate?

Questions 51 to 75 on 114     |     Page # 

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