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Question of Smash64 (06.30.2015): I was wondering if you knew where the rudder was on a ship. On the deck or on the quarterdeck?
A: It depends on its location or the century in which we ask this question. Before the 18th century (this is where I have the most knowledge) I can give you explanations of a galleon.
The rudder was visible from outside the ship and had the size of 2 to 3 level bridges.
It was attached to the drawbar (a horizontal bar of several meters with a substantial lever arm).
The pole was connected to him when manually operated by the helmsman. When I say hand, I mean a simple piece of wood, a stick several meters long (for as I said above, the rudder wheel was introduced at the beginning of the 18th century). The helmsman was therefore one or even two bridges over the tiller.
Manually pivoted on pintle.
The helmsman was on the upper deck, and could not see at all what was going on outside. He received orders from a sailor leaning over him with a hatch, which transmitted the orders of the captain.
Towards the end of the 18th century ships were less uneven (bridges) between the main mast and the ends (bow, stern). The rudder wheel was on the back or upper deck or the quarterdeck (The dunes virtually no longer exist).
Later the technique has evolved, the wheels were placed at the front.

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