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Question of Justine (03.02.2016): To reply to a game at school, 1.What did pirates hide in the sand? 2.What operation should incoming pirates perform on a dock side in order not to fail? 3.Where are the toilets on a boat?
the french movie L'île auX TrésorsA: 1. They hid a chest filled with gold coins :)

2. Pirates had furled the sails (the fold accordion on the yard) and anchor

3. On a small ship there are none, they do it overboard. On the largest ships the toilets are at the bow (front).

More seriously, in response to question 1 pirates rarely hid their treasures in the ground because they spent them on drinking, playing, and pleasures of the flesh. And in the extremely rare occasions when they needed to bury them they would well ensure that there was no leakage of the location of the loot, and they would destroy evidence with the Treasury. So the pirates dug deep! :)
A good example is written about Blackbeard.
© Photo : the french movie "L'île auX Trésors"

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