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Question of Kasumi (07.28.2015): Did female ship captains ever exist?
Anne Bonny, female pirateA: There were many female shipmasters and it has not always been easy for them to be accepted in this world of men.
But a few have etched their names in history by their heroic, but also violent exploits.

The two best known are Anne Bonny (born Cormac) and Mary Read. There were also:
- Ching Yih Saou,
- Jeanne de Clisson,
- Marie-Anne Dieuleveult,
- Jacquotte Delahaye,
- Magdelaine de Sade,
- Louise Marguerite de Bréville,
- Aliénor du Tillet,
- Luna Rossa,
- Lai Choi-San,
- Elizabeth Killigrew,
- Judith-Armande Préjoly,
- tran Li-Hué,
- Grace O'Malley (Granuaille),
- Ann Mills,
...and many more!

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Anne Bonny and Mary Read, female pirates

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